Today’s workplace demands place much stress on employees. The daily demands of work life and an imbalanced approach to rejuvenating only our body create a troubling neglect of the mind.

As a conscious process towards gaining mastery over the mind and body, Yoga offers solutions to creating rejuvenated employees who are productive and effective team players.

Extracting key concepts from Yogic techniques, Zattva is passionate about equipping your employees with skills to be focused and to be in an overall state of well being and confidence. We aim to have your valued staff thinking out of the box to solve and handle challenges, while staying centred and handling various stressors with

  1. Creative Energy
  2. Composure
  3. Focus and Drive                                          
  4. Improved interpersonal skills
  5. Enhanced Team Ethics and Morale

Our programs adopt a structured process for accelerating your employees’ growth. We are dedicated to working with your organization to understand your values and goals, customising our training curriculum around them for solutions to today’s business challenges.  

1. Creative Development

Change and growth are only championed when ideas flow freely and employees are willing to tap into their creative energy to think out of the box. Allow us to ignite the flame of creativity in each of your employees.

2. Concentration Development

Although multi-tasking is an essential tool to success, focusing on the task at hand without distraction is what really ensures it. Developing concentration brings it under control and grants your employees the skill to use it easily when they need it.

3. EQ & IQ Development

Emotional Intelligence is very relevant to organizational progression. It provides a platform to understand and deduce individual's behaviours, management styles, attitudes, communication skills, and potential. The techniques taught here allow an individual to improve his interpersonal skills for the betterment of the organization.

4. Memory Development

Discover powerful and practical techniques to improve listening, memory and performance. Learn to organise information efficiently, and to practice the skills necessary for effective memory development.

5. Stress Management

Managing stress is all about taking charge. Taking charge of your thoughts, emotions, schedule, environment, and the way you deal with problems. The ultimate goal is a balanced life, with time for work, relationships, relaxation, and fun – plus the resilience to hold up under pressure and meet challenges head on.

6. Anger and Ego Management

The individual’s ego often causes undue anger that can result in frustration. By possessing effective anger & ego management skills, the individual can be less emotional during duress and more focused on conflict management, maintaining good relations with his colleagues.

7. Confidence Building & Public Speaking

The greatest barrier to success is often the fear of failure. Negative aspects like stage fear, anxiety, tension and many other phobias can be eliminated by techniques to develop positive thinking and self-confidence. As an effect of improved confidence, participants will also be taught voice culture skills to improve their public speaking.

8. Group Dynamics

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself. Teams are an integral part of how things are done in an organization. Synergizing as one in group dynamics will have a major impact on an organization’s performance.

9. Service Excellence

Organizations need excellent customer service teams to compete in today's business environment. Now more than ever, tolerance and patience is crucial to understand the customers’ wants, needs, and expectations.

10. Eyesight Improvement

Today’s job demands cause tired eyes, headaches and pain leading to  stress, unhappiness and eventually an unhappy worker. Rejuvenate your eyes and work with a renewed enthusiasm.  

11. Voice Culture

Voice Culture is a branch of knowledge, which deals with the techniques of right voice production. The practice of our techniques will help analyze and manipulate the vocal apparatus for voice modulation. In effect, voice becomes flexible and breathing capacity will be increased. 

12. Bliss Assembly

This session focuses on connecting with oneself through yoga and laughter, grounding yourself in humility and improving self-confidence.  Through this journey, employees will understand their strengths and weaknesses and get centred within.

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