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  • if you are registering with Zattva for the first time, please wait for your confirmation email before you log in to book your slots.
  • Please allow up to 24 hours to receive your confirmation email from Zattva
  • At a given time you can view the schedule for a month; the following months schedule will be released on the 25th of the month at noon (eg: at 12 noon on 25th October  the schedule for November will be released.)
  • Double bookings are not possible. Each individual must create their own account as the health declaration & letter of indemnity must be acknowledged by each individual
  • You will not be allowed to deselect a slot 24 hours before the class
  • Sessions booked and not attended will still be considered as attended, and Zattva will not refund that session
  • Please be on time for sessions; as classes start on time. Individuals who do not have a booking but are present at the studio will be allowed to attend the session 10 minutes into the class, taking over your slot, if you are late
  • If u are having a heavy meal please do so 3 hours before the session, a light meal 2 hours before and a liquid meal 1 hour before the session.
  • Zattva regrets that individuals who are are more than 10minutes late, will not be allowed to join the class. The studio door will be locked 10 minutes after the class has commence
  • Please note that clicking on a slot confirms your booking

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